May 8, 2008

Neurofeedback for Symptom Reduction in Patients with Bulimia Nervosa

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A Treatment and Research Study



Who: We are hoping to recruit women 18 years of age or older who are in treatment for Bulimia Nervosa and who also experience attention difficulties. Ten of the women recruited will be asked to participate in pre and posttests as well as neurofeedback sessions and ten women will only be asked to take the pre-test and post-test and to continue their treatment as usual.


Content: The specific aims of this study are to assess effectiveness of neurofeedback (i.e., regulating electrochemical brain activity through use of EEG neurofeedback) on the: (a) reduction of eating disordered symptoms, (b) increase of attention, mindfulness, and daily functioning,  (c) and increase life satisfaction and self-concept.


Neurofeedback Providers and Investigators: Neurofeedback sessions will be provided by Susan M. Santarpia under the supervision of Judy Chiswell, Ed.D., OTR, BCIA-EEG. Catherine Cook-Cottone, Ph.D. a licensed psychologist, eating disorder specialist, and assistant professor for the Department of Counseling School and Educational Psychology at SUNY Buffalo is a co-investigator on the study.


When: Following obtained informed consent, participants will meet individually with the principal investigator for an intake session during which the pretesting will be completed.

 For those in the treatment group, the Neurofeedback sessions will take place bi-weekly, at Hemisphere’s for 10 weeks. Finally for both groups, individual posttest sessions will be conducted to complete the final assessments


Where: Hemisphere’s 6511 Main Street Williamsville 14221


Cost:  No fee


Eligibility:  Participants must be female and must maintain ongoing medical care through an eating disorder program. 


If you have any questions about your rights as a participant in a research project, you should contact (anonymously, if you wish) The Research Participant Advocate at Walden University is Leilani Endicott, you may contact her at 1-800-925-3368, extension 1210, if you have questions about your participation in this study. You may also contact the Social and Behavioral Sciences Institutional Review Board, College of Arts and Sciences, Room 810 Clemens Hall, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14260, (or by phone 716-645-2711).


For information related to:

Registration and Intake session, please contact Susan M. Santarpia (716-316-9597) or