October 26, 2006

Self-care is our intention and our hands can nurture

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This week in group we talked about self-care, thinking, feeling, intuition, and knowing what is right. Decisions can be very difficult to make especially when you understand and feel deeply the struggles of others.

We talked about how easy it can be to set your own needs aside (when maybe you need to take care of you).

You matter very much. You need self-care and nurturing too. It is okay to take care of you. Our intention for the week remained a focus on self-care and we added that we must stay mindful of the fact that the ability to care for ourselves lies in our own hands.

We are that powerful!


October 25, 2006

I Found Something Beautiful: The Real Hot 100

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There is a webpage out there that is really beautiful. It isn’t about size or shape …it is about how you choose to interact with this world…it is about us all making each other safer, stronger, and well.

Very inspiring!!!


Satsangsa Webpage is Live

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The big day is here. We are live with our new webpage. It is in its emergent stage, but still quite beautiful. We are hoping for it to be quite a resource as we grow. Please write in and let us know if you have links for us of good information that we can add to help us all cope and learn.



October 23, 2006

Every Effort Toward Self-Care is Honorable

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Hello Yoga and Wellness Comrades,

The intention of the week, “Every effort toward self-care is honorable” is important this time of year. Especially after our difficult week with the storm and ongoing efforts to get Buffalo and her neighbors healed.

Rather than tell ourselves about all we have not done and list our failures- measured from some bar we have set way too high- Let us honor each time we can take, even just a little bit of, care for ourselves.

 Things you can do:

Breathe deeply holding your intuitive, beautiful belly

Cuddle and get warm in your favorite blanket and read a book/ or while you study.

Take a walk alone or with a friend. Be sure to note how you feel when you leave and when you get back.

Go for a cup of chamomile tea.

Give yourself a pedicure (the no polish ones are great too) and then put on some warm fall socks

 Do one hard thing on your To Do list. Not 3 or 4, just One and then relax for a bit.

Try some shoulder stretches and then a tree pose and Breathe!!!!

October 18, 2006

Yoga and Wellness and SNOW

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We DO have group tonight 10/18/06 and to be honest, I am looking forward to it…in that “I’ll be glad as soon as I get there” kind of way.

 The snow/tree/electric storm as added a lot of stress to an already hectic fall 06. We’ll see if Linda, our yoga instructor and mental health counselor, can show us a healing snow pose : )…. That actually sounds nice.

Our intention for the week was “Everything I need is within me.” and to work toward self-care even in times of stress. I certainly had no intention of all of us being tested so harshly. 

Maybe we will practice the tree pose tonight to honor our injured brethren out there in Buffalo, our city of trees. If you can’t make it tonight comrades, email me, and I will catch you up by next week

 Take care